Leisure Fiberglass Pools from Southern Pool Co. offer many advantages over other types of pools. The installation process is much faster because they are factory-made, delivered to your home, and inserted in the ground already assembled. The smooth and non-porous surface of a fiberglass pool is easy on your skin, prevents staining, and makes it harder for algae to grow. Thus they require less maintenance and save money with fewer chemical treatments.

Fiberglass pools are available in a large assortment of shapes and sizes. LED lighting, waterfalls, heaters, automatic covers, and built-in benches, steps, and coves allow you to customize your fiberglass pool to fit your needs. Choose a timeless style that complements your backyard landscape.

Well defined lines. Deep end joy.

This pool builds upon the amenities of The Ultimate offering a splash pad, a built-in spa, and a swimming pad but in an eight foot depth for even more excitement.

Full-width splash pad. Clean design.

One of our most popular designs with a full-width splash/ entry pad that descends into a welcoming swimming pool environment.

Full-width splash pad. Compact design.

Designed to be a companion to our popular Pinnacle design, the full-width splash pad is designed to better fit more space conscious backyards.

Sleek curves. Inviting splash pad.

A very popular design providing a generous splash pad entrance that flows into your swimming pool. The design allows for many landscape options.

Enticing curves. Wraparound bench.

A freeform design that provides unique style properties including a wraparound entry step/ seating area, seating in the deep end plus delightful landscaping options.

Snowman curves. Enticing entry.

This pool offers a wraparound entry bench with a shallower entry depth. Its design provides wonderful landscape opportunities for a spa and/or tanning ledge addition.